Dutra Vs. Cobb


“If there was one match that I want to headline a major SWF event, it would be Dutra vs. Cobb.” – Josh Edlow

The SWF owner’s wish has been granted. “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb has earned the right to challenge the over 2 year reign of “The Champion of Champions” Dave Dutra. This historic match will take place in what has quickly become considered “Dutra Country,” Woodland, California.

“I am so proud to be able to present such a high caliber main event on our 3rd anniversary,” SWF owner, Josh Edlow said. “I have come to know both of these men on a personal level over the years. There are few people on this planet with as much passion for this business. This is a situation where it doesn’t matter who wins. I would be proud to call either man the SWF Champion.”

But to these two men it does matter who wins. As stated above, Dave Dutra’s reign as SWF Champion is unprecedented. He recently passed the two year mark and he has no intention of slowing down. That being said, Jeff Cobb could possibly be Dutra’s toughest challenge to date. Cobb, a former Olympian, has built quite a name for himself in Northern California.

Will Dutra continue his historic reign? Or will Jeff Cobb be the one to stop “The Champion of Champions?” Find out March 29th in Woodland, California!

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