The Sacramento Wrestling Federation will be hosting the most exciting and innovative fundraisers in California history! Hundreds of companies will be there, reaching out to fundraiser attendees. Will yours?

The Sacramento Wrestling Federation in conjunction with Eternal Expressions Promotions proudly brings California’s premiere sports entertainment events to high schools and charitable organizations in California’s capital city. The SWF will use its unique brand of family entertainment to help raise much-needed funds for local high school athletic programs. We want to help raise awareness for the needs of our local schools and community. We need your help so that student athletes and others in need know that the entire community is behind them.

Our events will bring the nation’s top sports entertainers to Sacramento for a fun filled, action packed event. These performers are the past, present, and future of sports entertainment. They are determined to leave all in attendance breathless. Memories will be created, history will be made, and most importantly, funds will be raised.

For more information on sponsorship packages, please email us at sacramentowrestling@yahoo.com.



The Sacramento Wrestling Federation is a for-profit company that works with local schools to raise funds for youth athletic programs, as well as other important community organizations to fund their charitable work. The SWF presents a unique, attention gathering event that reaches out beyond the traditional fundraiser attendee to appeal to the population at large. We offer a family friendly, action packed event that will leave all who attend with lasting memories. Our company is comprised of members of your community who are determined to help increase revenue for those programs in need. While our primary focus is on athletic programs and charitable organizations, we are happy to work with any local program that demonstrates a need for help.

For more information on how the Sacramento Wrestling Federation can help your program please contact us at sacramentowrestling@yahoo.com.

Community Organizations we have worked with:

UC Davis Children’s Hospital

Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento

Angels For Hearts – (for pediatric heart patients)

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Sacramento

Private fundraisers for local families

Local high school athletic programs

Art Institute of California – Sacramento

And there is much, much more to come!