– SWF owner, Josh Edlow

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional wrestler? Well now it’s time to make it happen. There are many important elements to becoming a complete professional wrestler. The SWF Powergym affords you the best opportunity to work on all of these necessary elements during your training. Whether you are walking into your first wrestling match, or you are walking into a WWE tryout, we believe it is our primary responsibility to insure that you have all the tools to be successful in any situation. We want to make sure that you are a legitimate professional wrestler.


Our head trainer is “Old School” Oliver John. He has been involved in pro wrestling since 1989. This is when he met 60’s and 70’s wrestling star Paul DeMarco. Paul took him under his wing and taught him everything he knew. He has wrestled for WWE, Ring of Honor, Zero-One and Hustle in Japan and countless promotions in Mexico. Now he is passing on his great knowledge to a new generation of talent, here at the SWF Training School.


In addition to working with “Old School” Oliver John, those who train at the SWF Powergym get the opportunity to train with many guest trainers such as Rocky “Azucar” Romero (agent for Lucha Libre USA and New Japan wrestling star) and ECW Original Mustafa Saed. These trainers will work on specific aspects of your training. From mat wrestling, to promos, to working the crowd, these trainers want to help you hone your skills to become a well rounded performer. They also have connections to independent promotions all over the United States. These trainers afford you the best opportunity to network and get work as a professional wrestler on the independent circuit.


Anyone will tell you that sports-entertainment is a cosmetic business. Not only do you have to have all the right moves, you also have to have the body to match. Most wrestling schools are housed in warehouses or backyards and leave you on your own to work on your body. However, the SWF is housed inside Powergym USA. Your monthly training fee includes unlimited access to the entire workout facility. This means that you can get your weight training, wrestling training, and cardio done all under one roof. We are your one stop shop for all things wrestling.


Presentation is everything. You could be the best pro wrestler in the world, but no one will notice unless your work is presented to others. Here at the Sacramento Wrestling Federation we pride ourselves on putting out the most professional product on the independent circuit. This includes professional photography and video.

As you get closer to making your professional wrestling debut, we will begin to build you a promotional package which will include an 8 x 10 photo, a DVD of one of your wrestling matches, and a biography. Building these packages are an essential part of getting you opportunities to work all over the country and world. This is another reason why the SWF is your best opportunity to make your dream a reality.

For more information contact us at

School Location:
Powergym USA
11327 Folsom Blvd #140
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Fee Schedule

$95 per month – Unlimited

(Includes unlimited access to weight training facility)


$10 per session

(up to 12 sessions, then the rest of the month is unlimited)

Training Schedule:
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7-10pm

Sunday – Open Schedule TBD weekly

To sign up, come to a training session or email

Training course fees include full membership to Powergym USA
Open 7 days a week

Services Include: Group Exercise, Free Weights,
Selectorized Equipment, Cardio Equipment, Spinning Room,
Kids Club, Tanning, Sauna, Martial Arts for children and adults.